Wireless Carriers - Connected Vehicle Intelligence

The Window of Opportunity for M2M Vehicle Connections is Open

You’re a successful wireless and wired communications gateway for the work place and home. But growth is harder to come by as these markets get more saturated. Now that the M2M space for connected vehicles is opening up, there’s upwards of 300 million new customers up for grabs in the United States alone. So how do you capitalize on this amazing opportunity before others do?

You need a partner that’s at the leading edge of connecting vehicles - and one that is getting in these vehicles first. Because once a vehicle is connected with a wireless link, it’s already too late.

IMS is proving to be one the best partners for wireless carriers entering the M2M space. As a complete end-to-end hardware, software and full solution partner to fleets, insurance companies and individuals, we’re paving the road for connectivity to large numbers of vehicles right now. And we’re looking for wireless carriers who want to help us press ahead with this early advantage.

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