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Comparing Mobile Apps, Hybrid Bluetooth and OBD-II

Learn the Pros and Cons of Mobile Apps, Hybrid Bluetooth and OBD-II for Insurance Telematics/UBI Program Planning

Executive Summary

As insurance telematics gains momentum in the insurance market, connected car technologies continue to emerge and evolve, face the challenges of real-world implementations, and gain acceptance or rejection based on their merit.

A fundamental question is being debated throughout the industry: what is the right solution for my Insurance Telematics/UBI program requirements? Should connectivity rely on data provided by vehicle diagnostics hardware [On-Board Diagnostics II aka OBD-II], a device brought into the vehicle [smartphones], or a combination of both?

OBD2 Telematics Insurance Device Vs. Mobile Telematics App

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Table of Contents

    • Considerations with Smartphones Solutions
    • Considerations with OBD-II Solutions
    • Considerations with Hybrid Bluetooth Solutions
    • Data Quality
    • Continuity of the Data Record
    • User Experience
    • Accident Data

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