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Building a Business Case for Insurance Telematics and UBI

Information and Opportunities that Justify the Business Case for Insurance Telematics and UBI

Executive Summary

Insurance telematics works—as a way for insurers to manage risks, evaluate the market, delight customers, and help improve revenues and costs. According to a new report from IHS Automotive usage-based insurance technology is expected to grow from the current estimate of +12 million subscribers to well over 142 million subscribers by 2023.

Our complimentary Insurance Telematics and UBI white paper equips insurers with an understanding of the true business value of insurance telematics and provides a number of proof points supporting the many business cases.

Usage Based Insurance Business Case

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Table of Contents

    • Aligning to Corporate Objectives
    • Complying with Mandates
    • Real-World Data and Analysis
    • Traditional Versus Dynamic Data
    • Projected Market Growth
    • Business Case Examples – Revenue-Generating Opportunities
      • Acquiring Low-Risk Drivers
      • Increasing Customer Retention
      • Offering Personalized, Value-Added Services to Customers
    • Business Case Examples – Cost Savings Opportunities
      • Reducing the Frequency and Magnitude of Claims
      • Improving Accident Reconstruction
      • Encouraging Better Driver Behavior
      • Increasing Client Engagement to Reduce Claims

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