Looking for the Industry's Most Compelling and Effective Telematics Solutions Available Today?

IMS Claims as a Service (CaaS)

IMS Claims as a Service (CaaS)

CaaS goes beyond accident detection leveraging telematics driving data to reduce claims.

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IMS SDK Telematics


IMS SDK offers you even more flexibility when building telematics and connected car services into your new or existing app

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Mobile Telematics Insurance

IMS Mobile Insurance Telematics Solutions

Mobile insurance telematics presents a unique opportunity to transform telematics and usage-based insurance

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Personal Line Telematics

IMS Usage-based Insurance for Personal Lines

End-to-end UBI solution that provides everything you need to launch a successful UBI program

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Commercial Lines Telematics

IMS Usage-based Insurance for Commercial Lines

End-to-end solution for insurers looking to differentiate with a unique and compelling fleet UBI program

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Commercial Insurance Telematics

IMS Commercial Insurance Telematics

Provides commercial insurers with the industry’s most comprehensive solution – satisfying the needs of the insurer, fleet manager and fleet drivers alike

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Insurance Analytics and Reporting

Business Center

Comprehensive Telematics Insurance analytics and reporting

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IMS Fleet Intelligence Solution

IMS Fleet Intelligence

Easy to use vehicle and driver behavior monitoring solution without heavy upfront costs

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Wireless Carriers M2M Vehicle

Wireless Carriers

IMS is proving to be one the best partners for wireless carriers entering the M2M space

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Data-Agnostic Collection Options

Complete choice of in-vehicle enablers for your entire book of business

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Family Telematics App Solution

IMS Family Telematics Service

Insurers can now provide policyholders with an engaging product that reduces accidents and conditions safe driving behavior within the entire family

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Young Drivers Telematics

IMS Young Drivers Intelligence

Parents get insight into young driver behavior, such as rapid acceleration, speeding, harsh braking, excessive idling, length of journey and time of day
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Road Usage Charge

IMS Road Charging Intelligence

Cost-effective road charging program without the burden of building expensive gantries

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The IMS Story

The IMS Story eBook

Our mission is to ensure people’s needs drive technological innovation

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