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Connected Car and Telematics Data Security

Deploy a Connected Car Solution With Confidence

Executive Summary

IMS delivers a strong IT value proposition that enables IT leaders to confidently deploy connected car services and solutions and create new revenue streams and programs. The foundation of the IMS service platform is based on end-to-end security, the integrity of collected data, and information availability.

The automotive telematics market is by nature, very data-intensive. As millions of drivers become connected and take advantage of connected cars, the IT requirements to support these programs become very large and potentially expensive to support the large data and security requirements. Deploying connected car solutions through a SaaS model enables companies to enter these markets with lower risk, quicker deployment, and lower costs. According to Ptolemus, an automotive telematics consulting firm, companies who utilize a SaaS infrastructure for UBI programs can reap up to a 70% cost savings in administrative costs.

Connected Car Privacy and Security Technology

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Table of Contents

    • Security and Data Privacy are Core to Successful Automotive Telematics Application Deployment
    • Secure Path from Device to IMS
    • Device Security

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