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SDK - Developer Platform for Telematics and Connected Car

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Transform Your Business Faster with the SDK/Mobile SDK

You already understand the value of collecting data on your drivers. You are seeking the resulting insights to better understand your customers. And you value the richness of the analyzed data in helping you plan new products and services, as well as new pricing models.

Critical to any effort is the speed and efficiency at which you can get to market and begin either collecting data, or offering new technology-based products and services. Building a successful program from the ground up is very time and resource intensive, expensive and overwhelming given the number of technical hurdles and obstacles to overcome. And, offering yet another application for yet another program, or to simply collect data, might not result in the best experience for your users. Is there a way to take advantage of the expertise of a market leader to build your own bespoke application, or integrate existing, cutting-edge platform capabilities into your existing in-market application?

Presenting the SDK/Mobile SDK offering you even more flexibility when building telematics and connected car services into your new or existing appsolution. Complete with supporting documentation, sample and reference code, the necessary APIs, and developer support, the SDK/Mobile SDKis your entry-way into the rich capabilities of award-winning IMS DriveSync platform.

Features and Benefits

Build full-featured, native telematics apps on iOS and Android
Faster Solution

Faster, More Cost-Effective Time to Market than “Do It Yourself/DIY”

Using the SDK to access IMS DriveSync, you can fully leverage the technical expertise of IMS in constructing your telematics solution. Whether it be enabling mobile telematics data collection, driver behavior scoring, trip detection or distracted driving, the SDK/Mobile SDK does all the heavy lifting, helping you avoid the complex technical challenges already addressed and enabled by a market leader and award-winning platform provider. No need to reinvent the wheel. No need to encounter technical delays and obstacles. No need to incur avoidable costs.

DriveSync Platform Tools

Easily Embed the Power of IMS DriveSync into New or Existing Apps

The SDK enables organizations to leverage the award-winning IMS DriveSync platform, embedding relevant telematics capabilities into your solution. This includes not only capabilities available today, but access to new solutions and future services as introduced by IMS. Your end users will never be more satisfied or delighted – both now and as the future unfolds.

SDK Architecture

Leverage Best-in-Class Security Architecture

Unique to IMS, organizations can leverage the IMS DriveSync platform’s industry security architecture in their applications when using IMS’ SDK. You can be confident that data is secure while leveraging IMS’ cutting-edge solutions and services.

SDK Developer Platform Mobile

Onlia Sense - Telematics SDK Case Study

Download Case Study

Learn How a Telematics SDK Fueled Fast-Market Entry with a Unique, Rewards-Based Digital Experience

IMS Provides You the Most Flexibility and Choice in App Development Options

With the introduction of the SDK, IMS now provides the most flexibility and choice when it comes to custom development options of your app based on your desired app experience and go-to-market plans. Now you have more ways to access the power of the IMS DriveSync platform:


Take Full Advantage of Our Powerful, Flexible Scoring and Rating to Precisely Assess Risk


What’s Included in the SDK?

Mobile Telematics

Sample Code

IMS’ mobile reference and sample code.

SKD API For Telematics


APIs enabling easy connectivity into the IMS DriveSync platform for access to IMS’ solutions, services and capabilities.
Key Differentiators: Driver Behavior Scoring, Location, Automatic Trip Detection (Start and Stop),
Trip/Mileage Recording Accuracy, Distracted Driving Events and Mobile Data Sensing.

 Full Refrence Docs for SDK API


Getting Started Guide and full technical documentation.

Telematics SDK Developer Platform Support 


Access to support personnel for development assistance, including the ability to
upgrade to more hands-on development assistance based on your specific development needs.




How Do I Get Pricing and Access the SDK?

To access the SDK, including pricing information and for all SDK oriented questions, please submit an inquiry.

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