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ODOT certifies emovis to manage accounts and provide new services to OReGO drivers

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon’s pay-by-the-mile road usage charge program, OReGO, has added new options and services for drivers by welcoming emovis as a commercial account provider. The company is now fully certified by the Oregon Department of Transportation to manage OReGO driver accounts and collect road usage charges for deposit into the State Highway Fund.

Participants in OReGO elect to be charged a per mile fee for taxed miles, then receive a credit (or a bill) for fuel taxes when the fuel is used to drive taxable miles. These volunteer drivers can choose their mileage reporting option when they sign up at The addition of emovis as a commercial account manager, along with Azuga, provides four choices – two without GPS and two that use GPS-enabled devices. As a certified account provider, emovis is now presenting DriveSync®, a connected car service developed and operated by IMS and available to drivers who select the advanced, GPS-enabled device.

“OReGO now has two trusted private partners on board — Azuga and emovis — offering multiple account service options along with new connected car technology apps that will help drivers monitor their vehicles and improve safe driving habits,” said Maureen Bock, OReGO program manager. “It demonstrates the benefits of private-public sector partnerships in delivering this innovative transportation funding program.”

Some of the services included in DriveSync are intelligent road side assistance, detailed “check engine” functionality that diagnoses problems with a repair cost estimate and a Top Driver leaderboard system so drivers can see how their driving behavior compares to others.

“As more volunteer drivers take advantage of these services while participating in OReGO,” Bock said, “ODOT can respond to their feedback by developing a driver-friendly, fair and sustainable way to fund highway maintenance and construction. We’ll be able to preserve our roads around the state and support our economy well into the future.”

Learn about OReGO (Oregon’s road usage charge program), sign up to participate as a volunteer, join the interest list and find out how Oregon pioneered the program at More information about fuel tax revenues and transportation funding is found in this report to the Road User Fee Task Force in September 2016.



About OReGO

As vehicles become more fuel efficient, funding for transportation will decline in Oregon and around the country as drivers buy less fuel and pay less fuel taxes—which go toward maintaining and building roads and highways. Oregon’s Senate Bill 810 (2013) was the first legislation in the U.S. to establish a new, alternative system for state transportation funding. The bill authorized ODOT to assess and collect a charge of 1.5 cents per mile for up to 5,000 vehicles and issue a fuels tax credit to those participants. OReGO launched July 1, 2015 with more than 1,300 vehicles signed up to date. Learn more about OReGO at

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