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Our DriveSync® platform leads the way in leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver safe, seamless user experiences. From an IoT perspective, DriveSync leverages current, and future, devices, infrastructure and data with advanced analytics to provide intelligent services that make drivers safer, smarter and greener.


IoT for IMS is not new – IMS’ approach of complete convergence of HMI with M2M to deliver connected car services to drivers has always been at the cornerstone of the DriveSync platform, making DriveSync a pioneering IoT connected car platform. It’s about devices – always connected, always on – working together to access, create, enrich and share digital information between people, organizations, infrastructures and things. This digital information offers true utility, enhanced productivity and safety which transform into smart customer services. The DriveSync connected car platform enables the IoT to deliver a plethora of connected car services, including usage-based insurance, fleet management, road charging, traffic intelligence, infotainment and more.

For insurers, IoT extends the DriveSync platform from auto insurance telematics and value-added connected car services to include connected home and connected lifestyle services. As a result, IoT technology enables IMS to address an insurer’s complete book of business, from automotive insurance to home insurance and health/life insurance.

IMS and the Internet of Things

Connected Car Connected Car Connected Car

Connected Car

The DriveSync platform continues to deliver and build-out new experiences for a growing list of core connected car services that include usage-based insurance, driver coaching, vehicle maintenance, integrated roadside assistance, green driving reports, data analytics, road-usage charging, fleet management and more.

To encourage safer, smarter and greener driving behavior, DriveSync provides driver coaching tips, alerts and notifications in-car or on smartphones, with the capability to also extend to the latest wearable technologies. Using usage-based insurance as an example of a connected car service, insurers are using DriveSync to monitor and incent safer driving behavior through UBI programs.

Connected Home Connected Home Connected Home

Connected Home

The DriveSync platform harnesses technologies available today to deliver the latest in home telematics services. Leveraging context, proximity detection and in-home smart gadgets where available, DriveSync can analyze data about home temperature, occupancy, water leak status, carbon monoxide and smoke detector statuses, home alarm systems and door entry to provide individuals with peace of mind through home monitoring services.

This same information can also be provided for third-party opt-in programs – for example, home insurers can offer awards and discounts to owners who demonstrate regular occupancy and care.

Connected Lifestyle Connected Lifestyle Connected Lifestyle

Connected Lifestyle

The DriveSync platform has the capability to offer individuals incentives for healthy behaviors and smart lifestyle choices. Using innovative health telematics, the DriveSync platform delivers a wellness score to individuals by analyzing a number of behaviors that can include steps walked per day, average daily gym visits and average hours of sleep, to list a few examples.

As a further example, health-conscious users can submit their wellness score to receive rewards and discounts for third-party opt-in programs, including discounts on health and life insurance premiums.



IMS IoT Marketplace

The vision of the IoT Marketplace is to enable a data source-agnostic telematics ecosystem that pulls together providers of third-party telematics devices, vehicle OEMs, mobile applications and other related data sources to leverage one common infrastructure and data management architecture – the common goal: to provide richer end user experiences.

The marketplace collects disparate data sources from devices such as OBD, smartphones-wearables and connected home products, as well as various contextual data sources (i.e. weather) to provide access, insight and analytics for subscribers of that data.

Internet of Things marketplace

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Powered by Drivesync

DriveSync® provides a mature, unified IoT architecture that seamlessly interacts with intelligent mobility and lifestyle ecosystems. Using information from diverse sources and probes DriveSync alerts, informs, and enables travelers to make intelligent mobility decisions and access relevant connected services.

Predictive analysis of available historical data from complementary sources gives travelers useful recommendation based on anticipated travel conditions and learned user behaviors, known preferences, and current state of well-being. The platform helps users negotiate their travels with the mobility ecosystem, to improve quality of life, increase safety, and enhance productivity.

Drivesync IoT Platform

Some of the technological applications of the DriveSync platform include:

  • Seamless access to secured facilities and permission-based activities leveraging unique pattern detection, biometric information and secure communications.
  • Enable walkaway parking that automatically handles payments.
  • Provide dynamic route planning that adapts to changing driving conditions based on events and other insights in real-time.
  • Connect with surrounding vehicles to improve traffic flow and avoid collisions.
  • Provide feedback to intelligent transportation systems and smart city grids to ensure fluid mobility throughout for the traveler and others.

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