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Capitalizing on the Internet of Things (IoT)

Challenges and Opportunities for Insurers and Automakers

Executive Summary

This whitepaper provides an introduction to IoT and showcases some of the opportunities that it affords, giving insurers a means to expand their book of business and OEMs a glimpse of how IoT will re-energize and reshape personal travel.

We also provide examples of how IoT is already being used, as well as blue-sky imaginings of how it can be used as the supporting technologies are refined. A fair measure of knowledge and expertise is required to participate in the IoT ecosystem and this paper outlines the factors that are leading to the formation of a marketplace around IoT that will open numerous opportunities.

Advances in IoT Technologies and Insurance Telematics

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Table of Contents

    • Standards and Interoperability
    • Harnessing Data Effectively
    • Agnostic Approach To Standards
    • Portability Of Data
    • Example: Life Insurance Discounts Based On Fitness Tracking
    • Example: Road Usage Charging
    • Additional Examples

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