Executive Summary

This whitepaper provides an introduction to IoT and showcases some of the opportunities that it affords, giving insurers a means to expand their book of business and OEMs a glimpse of how IoT will re-energize and reshape personal travel.

We also provide examples of how IoT is already being used, as well as blue-sky imaginings of how it can be used as the supporting technologies are refined. A fair measure of knowledge and expertise is required to participate in the IoT ecosystem and this paper outlines the factors that are leading to the formation of a marketplace around IoT that will open numerous opportunities.

Advances in IoT Technologies and Insurance Telematics

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Table of Contents

    • Standards and Interoperability
    • Harnessing Data Effectively
    • Agnostic Approach To Standards
    • Portability Of Data
    • Example: Life Insurance Discounts Based On Fitness Tracking
    • Example: Road Usage Charging
    • Additional Examples

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