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Learn about industry best practices and solutions related to Telematics Insurance and Connected Car Technology

Collecting Data for UBI Programs - Insurance Telematics

Comparing Smartphone, Self-Powered, OBD, Black Box, and OEM Embedded Devices

Learn the pros and cons of telematics data collection technology for insurance telematics/UBI program planning

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Insurance Telematics Business Case

Building a Business Case for Insurance Telematics and UBI

Get exclusive access to the information and opportunities that justify the business case for insurance telematics and/or UBI

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Best Practices And Guidelines For Insurance Telematics and UBI

Best Practices and Guidelines for Insurance Telematics and UBI

Easily navigate around surprising telematics insurance and UBI challenges and gain a clear understanding of telematics, including how to implement a successful program

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The Real Value From Commercial Insurance Telematics

Explores the ways in which commercial insurance telematics is generating value, boosting efficiency, and enhancing visibility into processes and operations

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Big Data and the Automotive OEM Market

Big Data Transforms the Automotive Market

Data Commercialization Approaches, Business Model Strategies and Best Practices for OEMs

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Internet of Things for Auto Insurance Telematics and Automotive OEM

Capitalizing on the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT offers insurers a means to expand their book of business and OEMs a way to reshape personal travel

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Insurtech and Telematics Insurance

Industry Benefits of Insurance Telematics and InsurTech

Addressing Claims Cost, Customer Acquisition, Retention and Engagement

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Auto Telematics Insurance and InsurTech Digital Insurance

InsurTech – Sparks Digital Industry Transformation

Opening Opportunities for Insurers to Capitalize on New Technologies

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Security Technology for Connected Cars

Connected Car and Telematics Data Security

Deploy a Connected Car Solution With Confidence

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Managing Natural Disasters

Managing Natural Disasters Using Data Analytics and Insights

Learn How Governments and Insurance Companies Can Better Handle Natural Disasters Using Connected Car and Telematics Program Data

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IMS Distracted Driving Insights Report

IMS Distracted Driving Insights Report

Not only is driver distraction on the increase, but drivers are taking the highest levels of distracted driving risk when driving distracted
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