Insurance Telematics – More than Usage-Based Insurance

IMS comprehensive insurance telematics programs and services, which include Usage Based Insurance (UBI), work as a way for automotive insurers to meet customers’ needs, increase/improve/automate processes, reduce the frequency and magnitude of claims and help improve revenues and costs. Telematics-based programs enable insurers to promote safer driving behavior, increase policyholder engagement and increase policyholder retention and stickiness.

Designed to help insurers meet their various program needs, IMS offers a broad spectrum of insurance telematics solutions all powered by the award-winning DriveSync connected car platform. DriveSync platform-enabled insurance solutions and services include UBI, distracted driving detection, driver coaching, claims management, FNOL, and scoring and analytics. All services are backed by IMS’ deployment expertise and experience best-in-class security architecture, and strong intellectual property protection consisting of over 200 patents and patents pending.

End-to-End IMS UBI Intelligence Solution

Positive selection and improved behavior can reduce claims by 20%. With IMS UBI Intelligence, insurers can realize better risk assessment for premium pricing. IMS UBI Intelligence provides a complete turnkey solution for insurance companies and offers data/source device-agnostic monitoring, full logistics, data storage and customer support.


Turnkey solutions available for:


Personal Lines UBICommercial Lines/Fleet UBI

IMS UBI Intelligence Solution

Try & Buy Customer Acquisition

Mobile apps and digital marketing are effective tools to reduce customer acquisition costs and grow your book of business. IMS’ Try and Buy customer acquisition tool offers policyholders a 30-day free trial, and has been proven to entice trial, usage and over services adoption and acquisition.


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Mobile Telematics/Try and Buy/Customer Acquisition Solutions

Mobile Telematics

Driver Coaching and Feedback

Young drivers are 75% less likely to cause and accident after one year of telematics behavior assessment and coaching. IMS provides solutions to engage, coach and guide drivers.


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Driver Coaching and Feedback

Driver Coaching

Distracted Driving Detection

Distracted driving accounts for 50% of all automotive accidents. With IMS’ Distracted Driving capabilities, insurers can detect distracted behaviors, including time, duration and even severity level of smartphone usage while driving.

The information is displayed to the driver, for distracted driving coaching and safety awareness purposes, with the goal of reducing driving behaviors that lead to significant accidents. And of course, we also have the ability to provider insurers with a score as well.


Distracted Driving Detection Severity Levels

  • Low - Use of a vehicle Bluetooth speaker or headset/AUX cable.
  • Mid – Phone call using a cell phone speaker or normal phone speaker.
  • High – Handling of the phone, for example, texting or browsing.


*Distracted Driving Detection is only available for Mobile Telematics


Mobile Telematics

Distracted Driving Solution

Safety Score

Insurers can deter bad driving behavior using a suite of variables that includes: Time of Day, Day of Week, Distance, Cornering, Drivers Speed, Acceleration and Braking. Each individual behavior is scored independently and is rolled up into an overall safety score that policyholders can work to improve by themselves, or via engaging social competition, including available Top Driver leaderboards.


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Mobile Telematics

Safety Score

Policyholder Value-Added Services

Leveraging the strength of IMS’ award-winning DriveSync connected car platform, insurers are able to offer a suite of value-added connected car services that build brand relationships, increase loyalty and offer the added value of piece of mind:




  • Roadside Assistance - Offers policyholders a value-added connected car service via on-demand roadside assistance that leverages their location, vehicle type and phone number to dispatch the correct service assistance at very competitive rates.
  • Vehicle Servicing – Provides policyholders with information about nearby, certified Service Locations should a vehicle require service. For OBD users, vehicle details can be shared to inform the policyholder of additional detail of the vehicle problem and an accurate estimate of the repair.
  • Find My Car – Provides policyholders with added value by connecting them back to the location of their car in busy parking scenarios.
  • Incident Assistant – Provides a valuable tool to policyholders in times of emergency. Users can record information about license, insurance information, vehicle damage as well as injuries using a combination of photo capture, easy-to-use forms and diagrams. When completed, this information can be shared with their insurance company and/or claims agent, providing piece of mind when it’s needed the most.


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DriveSync Connected Car Platform


API Integration

A comprehensive suite of interfaces allows insurers to create differentiated solutions based on your strategy and target market. Now you have the ability to create highly differentiated, bespoke solutions or leverage our reference applications to get to market quickly.


Api for Telematics Insurance


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DriveSync 5

Policy Management Integration

Seamless integration with third-party policy management systems provides out-of-the-box functionality for a tight process throughout the customer lifecycle including qualification, quotation and renewal.


Submit, Qualify, Quote, Issue, Maintain, Change, Renew


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Policy Management Integration

Claims Management Integration

Seamless integration with third party claims management systems provides out-of-the-box functionality for a tight process throughout the life of a claim. This service provides the estimated severity of an incident, the point of impact on the vehicle and the location of the vehicle post-accident to facilitate faster and more efficient claims processing.



FNOL (Automatic Incident Detection)

Upon confirmation, incident detection enables faster, accurate and more efficient notifications to insurance carriers, which helps facilitate replacement vehicle information or towing services for the policyholder. When coupled with claims management and event reconstruction, FNOL can reduce the average the average total cost of a claim by up to $800 if reported within 30 minutes and enable insurers to detect and prevent fraud, which cost US insurers $5-7 billion annually.


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FNOL - Automatic Incident Detection


Analytics and Scoring Options

Flexibility is key to a smooth big data and analytics journey. IMS offers full flexibility in analytics and scoring to precisely assess risk for each policyholder and encourage safe driving.


The right analytics and scoring for your business:

  • Flexible Analytics Options: Create a scoring and rating model leveraging any of three methods:
  • Unique Rating Systems: Create differentiation through a unique scoring system.
  • Expanded Scores: Leverage a selection of scoring variables for your algorithms.
  • Scoring UX: Displays scoring and events in an easy to understand experience for policyholders.


Safety Score