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For Organizations with Simpler Fleet Needs

Cost-Effective Fleet Management Solution That is Easy to Install and Monitor

Fleet owners that invest in IMS Fleet Intelligence benefit from easy to use vehicle tracking and driver monitoring capabilities without heavy upfront costs. IMS Fleet Intelligence is our standard fleet offering, which includes a simple plug-and-play telematics device along with a simple-viewing fleet management interface that works with a wide variety of vehicles (work vans, delivery trucks, cars and more), and was developed based on the input from busy business owners and managers.

Fleet owners get access to easy to use monitoring features, including: real-time vehicle location data, behavior-based alert information (speeding, acceleration and braking), fuel consumption updates, idle time tracking, trip reporting, vehicle usage behavior and vehicle diagnostic information.

Datasheet - Fleet Management

Datasheet - Fleet Management


IMS Fleet Intelligence was developed by the IMS team of experienced connected car experts with input from busy business owners and managers.



Ideal fleet management solution for:

taxi icon grey taxi icon grey Service Business

Service Business

Track vehicles at all times – see when your employees arrive on-site and when they leave, resulting in cost savings, loss reduction and greater operational efficiencies.

truck icon grey truck icon grey Retail Delivery

Retail Delivery

Track fuel and mileage costs over time to understand true expenses associated with serving larger geographies.

keys icon grey keys icon grey Automotive Dealers

Automotive Dealers

For dealers looking to safeguard their assets in times of emergency – know where the closest equipped vehicles are to respond to emergency events.

ambulance icon grey ambulance icon grey Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Stretch your constrained budget with an affordable, easy to use tracking solution that optimizes response times with real-time vehicle location data.





Locate vehicles

Locate Vehicles in Real-time

Always know the location of each vehicle in your fleet to enhance daily operations and real-time fraud detection.

Fuel savings

Control Fuel Costs

Monitor driver behavior to reduce idle time and unauthorized vehicle use for fuel savings up to 30%.

Reduce maintenance expenses 

Reduce Maintenance Expenses

Improve employee driving through driver coaching and real-time behavior management (speeding, acceleration and braking), to keep your vehicles running smoothly and prevent accidents before they happen.

Monitor time 

Monitor Time Reporting to Reduce Frauds

Track actual hours worked for drivers with precise vehicle start and stop times by tracking vehicle usage and mileage.

Vehicle health

Vehicle Health Information

Reduce vehicle downtime by proactively identifying maintenance issues before a problem arises. Remotely access diagnostic information for each vehicle in your fleet directly from your web browser including engine light status and diagnostic trouble codes.

 Flexible vehicle tags

Vehicle Tags

Manage larger fleets using the flexible vehicle tags to identify vehicles belonging in one or more groups for viewing and managing.

Key Features to Fleet Owners

  • Monitor driver behavior and encourage safe driving habits before a serious incident.
  • Provide precise time estimates to customers for delivery and pickup.
  • Dispatch drivers to customers quickly and efficiently.
  • Set alerts and notifications for time-of-day driving, speed limits, driving zone entry and exit, and unsafe driving behavior.

IMS Fleet Intelligence Components

Fleet Monitoring Solution

White Paper - Connected Car and Telematics Data Security

White Paper - Connected Car and Telematics Data Security


All IMS solutions deliver on stringent IT requirements as they pertain to security, data collection integrity and information.

Connected Car and Telematics Data Security

IMS delivers a strong IT value proposition that enables IT leaders to confidently deploy connected car services and solutions and create new revenue streams and programs. The foundation of the IMS service platform is based on end-to-end security, integrity of collected data, and information availability.


IMS solutions meet strict IT requirements for our customers including:

  • End-to-End Security: End-to-end policy and process to ensure secure management of client data.

  • Data Collection Integrity: Checks and balances in place to identify anomalies and avoid data corruption.

  • Information Availability: High availability, loading balancing, and internal redundancy resulting in high levels of system uptime and ensuring that clients of IMS (and the client's customers) have access to their data when they want it.

Usage-Based Insurance for Commercial Lines

Explore IMS UBI Intelligence for Commercial Lines

A unique and compelling telematics program.


This product is powered by our intelligent connected car platform DriveSync®. What this means is that your organization can have access to a variety of value-added connected car services, in addition to this specific program. The DriveSync® connected car platform offers services that connect drivers to their cars, drivers to other drivers and drivers to their surroundings – turning any vehicle into the ultimate connected car.


Drivesync figure




What does this mean? Since IMS Fleet Intelligence is built on the DriveSync® connected car platform, this technology also extends into usage-based insurance (UBI), providing fleet businesses with the ability to realize potential insurance discounts on low-use and safer driving fleets. This means your business can take advantage of insurance discounts and lower claims using the same tool that also manages your fleet. Other telematics and valued-added services can also be added, such as vehicle health, infotainment and more. Start with a program today and expand with new services in the future – it’s that easy.

IMS Fleet Intelligence

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