Fleet Intelligence

For Organizations with Simpler Fleet Needs

Small and mid-sized fleet owners are faced with high costs to run their fleets and often have no, or minimal, fleet management capabilities. Furthermore, the fleet technology market is flooded with expensive solutions that are perfect for large fleet organizations, but ignore the needs of smaller sized fleets.

IMS Fleet Intelligence perfectly addresses these underserviced needs with an easy to use vehicle and driver behavior monitoring solution without heavy upfront costs. IMS Fleet Intelligence was developed by the IMS team of experienced connected car experts with input from busy business owners and managers. It includes a simple plug-and-play OBD-II device along with a straightforward fleet management interface that works with a wide variety of vehicles types (work vans, delivery trucks, cars and more). Fleet owners get access to practical, easy to use features such as: real-time vehicle location, driver behavior and alerts (speeding acceleration and braking), fuel consumption updates, idle time tracking, trip reporting and more.

Download IMS Fleet Management Datasheet