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IMS is Committed to the Success of Your Organization

IMS Delivers the World's Leading Connected Car
and Insurance Telematics Solutions

IMS is committed to the success of your organization. Our connected car and insurance telematics programs and services work as a way for automotive insurers to meet customers’ needs. Discover how we can help you.

We have a long, successful history of exceeding customer expectations.
Customers who use our solutions and technology have:

40% loss ratio with their insurance telematics

Reported a 40% loss ratio with their insurance telematics book of business – a 28% improvement when compared to the industry average loss ratio of 68% for non-telematics insurance.

12.6% reduction in claims frequency

Reported a 12.6% reduction in claims frequency, when comparing policyholders who retained UBI versus those who evaluated UBI.

50% conversion rate from IMS Try and Buy

Experienced an estimated 50% conversion rate from IMS Try and Buy customer acquisition tools.

1/3 new customer enrollments in UBI

Reported up to 1/3 new customer enrollments in UBI and insurance telematics programs with progressive annual growth.

Why Organizations Are Choosing Us:

business strategy

Superior understanding of our business strategy, business needs and cultural alignment.

Pre-packed solution

Pre-packed solution delivered in a matter of months, including training.

Investments in research

Investments in research and development including over 200 forward-looking patents.

data collection and analysis

Mobile insurance telematics solutions providing great performance, including data collection and analysis.

Mobile insurance telematics

Leading mobile solution features and capabilities versus other telematics solutions currently in the market.

value to the end customer

Solution feature set demonstrating more perceived value to the end customer.

20 years experience

Breadth of experience with approximately 20 years in automotive and insurance technology solutions.

What End Users are Saying About Our Technology:

"It helped me become more aware of my driving habits."
"I like that it lets you see how you are driving and has the potential to improve driving."
"It's convenient - it didn't use too much battery and is easy to navigate."
"I like the feature of being able to compare your driving with other drivers."
"I found the app to be very transparent. I really like the discount feature."
"I liked the fact that I didn't have to tell the technology that I was the driver every time I went somewhere."
"I liked that it worked somewhat like a game that you can play with yourself to see how to improve your score."


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Mobile Telematics/Try and Buy/Customer Acquisition Solutions

Mobile Telematics

What Industry Analysts are Saying about Us:

breadth of capabilities

“Insurers looking for an insurance telematics solution are often confused by the sheer number of vendors in the space. The many awards IMS received speak to the depth and breadth of capabilities that place IMS in an elite group of insurance telematics vendors.”

security of the data

“The level of security of the data, which we perceive as being very insufficient today (except in IMS’ solution), is often not even mentioned.”

secure and flexible platform architecture

“IMS has a long experience in telematics, track record with more than 10 insurance companies, secure and flexible platform architecture, extensive patent portfolio, after sales support policy and customer care and a range of value added services.”

most promising automotive tech solution

“IMS has made significant achievements over the past few years, and this growth is expected to continue into the future. It is currently recognized as one of the most promising automotive tech solution providers for connected car advancements, and is expected to grow substantially as consumer interest in usage-based insurance piques, and road-usage charging programs become more prevalent over the forecast period.”

Our ability to contribute to customer success is largely attributed to our rich data collection and analytics capabilities. In the last 2 years, we have collected and analyzed more than:

data points

5,000,000,000,000 data points.

Driving Minutes

7,000,000,000 minutes of driving.

Driving KM

4,000,000,000 km of driving (equivalent to driving 100,000 times around the earth).

Driving Years

400,000 driving years.