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Connected Car Insurance USA 2019


Day 1 : September 4th,2019 at 4 PM

What if you could answer your most pressing business questions and optimize your telematics program by analyzing your volumes of data? Insurers accumulate large amounts of raw data via telematics and other sources, but where are the practical solutions to exploit all this data to improve pricing, risk and engagement – ultimately, improving combined ratios?

IMS will guide you on a journey to share how you can unlock more meaning and value from your diverse data. IMS is joined by Carrot Insurance, a leading digital insurer from the UK, to share first-hand practical experiences harnessing data to enable a forward-looking digital insurance journey – so you reap the learnings without the risks.

Insurers will:

  • Learn how to unravel insights buried deep inside existing program datasets and optimize your telematics programs.
  • Get transferrable learnings from real successes and experiences shared first-hand from a leading digital insurer’s customer data and program analysis.
  • Witness proven insurance experiences and practical knowledge to enable wise decisions on your own journey, including best practices shared by a leading UK digital insurer.
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Insurance AI and Analytics Europe

The only conference providing strategic insights and focused case studies to fuel your AI capabilities.

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Annual Motor Insurance Telematics Conference

Annual Motor Insurance Telematics Conference will bring together leading insurance telematics professionals to discuss what the future holds for connected cars; how to leverage developing technology to increase profitability and reduce the costs; how to enhance operational effectiveness, maximise competitive advantage and make the connected world safer.

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Claims & Fraud Summit

Claims & Fraud Summit will be exploring how organisations can effectively tread the thin line of delivering superb customer care, whilst mitigating against the ever-present threat of insurance fraud.

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Connected Insurance USA

Connected Insurance USA is bringing together 700+ leaders from across the core pillars of the insurance value chain, who each have the responsibility and power to transform their organization – to give you the tools to make true change.

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