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Redefine Your Product Offerings and Customer Experience

Introducing DriveSync Version 5

DriveSync® version 5 showcases years of research and development committed to perfecting UBI solutions.

We’ve invested in major DriveSync platform enhancements that further reflect our leadership in usage-based and connected car insurance. DriveSync 5 addresses key industry challenges that your business faces around program differentiation, policyholder engagement and overall program value.

More Differentiation

Customers have come to expect the ultimate in customization flexibility from IMS. DriveSync 5 takes program differentiation to the next level for both OBD and mobile programs. You now have even more options to customize and differentiate your program without sacrificing speed to market. Truly the best of both worlds.

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Intelligent Driver Detect

Get complete flexibility in determining whether a recorded trip was taken by the passenger or driver, ensuring engagement with the correct policyholder for coaching and feedback. Intelligent Driver Detect leverages patented driver-fingerprint technology to automatically determine who drove – so you can rest assured that you are getting the correct driving data needed for driver rating.

The DriveSync 5 Advantage: Engage policyholders by targeting coaching and feedback to the correct driver.

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Intelligent Transport Detect

Automatically know whether a recorded trip was taken in an insured vehicle or public transport, eliminating trips that shouldn’t be included for scoring and coaching purposes – with no end user effort required. Keeps drivers focused on the right driving feedback, while providing you with the confidence of accurate rating and pricing.

The DriveSync 5 Advantage: Keep policyholders focused on coaching using information only from their driving while ensuring insurers obtain the necessary information for accurate rating and pricing.

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Policyholders view their driving score against other drivers and compete to be the safest driver. Users can sort/filter Leaderboard groups based on gender, age range, location and vehicle type.

The DriveSync 5 Advantage: Encourage driver engagement, safety and fewer claims.

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One-Time Activation Code

A new approach to the activation process makes it easier to manage enrollments. A one-time activation code is generated in the Welcome message, maximizing engagement and reducing administrative deployment burdens.

The DriveSync 5 Advantage: A new approach to activation that makes it easier to manage enrollments – while ensuring timely engagement!

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Intelligent Push Notifications

A push framework to notify users when trips have not been processed, when changes to discounts and refunds have occured and also, to ensure timely user engagement. Gone are the days of intensive manual work to communicate with program users.

The DriveSync 5 Advantage: Remove the burden of excessive program administration and manual communications to ensure prompt user engagement.

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Multi-Language Support

Support for multiple international languages to enable you to launch programs and engage policyholders in different parts of the world.

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The DriveSync 5 Advantage: Create a highly differentiated, bespoke solution or leverage IMS’ reference applications to get to market quickly

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More Engagement

DriveSync 5 is focused on providing the best customer experience; ensuring policyholders remain continuously engaged in your program. More engagement translates to safer drivers, fewer claims and a better book of business.

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New Scoring Options

Access two new scoring options: Driver’s Speed Relative to Posted Speed Limit and Cornering. These options enhance the existing suite of scoring variables already available, including Acceleration, Braking, and Pay as you Drive (Time of Day, Day of Week and Distance). This update enables you to create customized scoring while keeping the safety of your policyholders front and center.

The DriveSync 5 Advantage: Newly added scoring options encourage safe driving behavior, differentiate your program and differentiate between policyholder behaviors.

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Secondary Driver Option

Give policyholders the flexibility of viewing the driving data of secondary drivers under their policy, to help influence safer driving behavior. You also benefit from the ability to design differentiated programs based on this feature targeted at new segments, such as multi-driver families, new-driver programs and car sharing.

The DriveSync 5 Advantage: Design differentiated programs targeted at new segments, including: multi-driver families, new drivers and car sharing.

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Reward Badges

Generate driving challenges with associated reward badges to incent safe driving behavior. For example, incent safer winter driving with a seasonal challenge that focuses on speed limits and braking to earn a limited-time reward.

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API Integration

DriveSync 5 introduces a new, comprehensive suite of interfaces that allows you to create differentiated solutions based on your strategy and target market. Now you have the ability to create highly differentiated, bespoke solutions or leverage our reference applications to get to market quickly.

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Drive Sync Datasheet

Discover DriveSync Version 5 in More Detail


Download the DriveSync 5 datasheet and learn how you can transform your program differentiation, policyholder engagement and overall program value.

More Value

DriveSync 5 introduces capabilities that provide a more compelling business case for insurers looking to take full advantage of the UBI opportunity. For the first time, any insurer can have the capability to roll out a scalable and customized UBI experience with more ease. DriveSync 5 takes customer feedback and innovates to enable current customers to advance their deployments and enable new insurers to join the UBI revolution without limitations.

Bluetooth enabled Assist Bluetooth enabled Assist Bluetooth®-Enabled Assist

Bluetooth®-Enabled Assist

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Enabled Assist

This new feature identifies the vehicle and associated trips through the vehicle’s existing or aftermarket products featuring Bluetooth wireless technology. Improve trip start/ trip end accuracy and lower costs by leveraging in-vehicle hardware for user scoring and feedback.


The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS) Inc. is under license.

Bluetooth-enabled OBD Support Bluetooth-enabled OBD Support Bluetooth®-Enabled OBD Support

Bluetooth®-Enabled OBD Support

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Enabled OBD Device Support

For insurers having difficulty making UBI costing work, DriveSync 5 provides Bluetooth wireless technology enabled OBD device support, providing all the richness of data with lower device costs and lower monthly fees. With this option, insurers now have a new, cost-effective data collection option – the UBI business case has never looked so compelling.

The DriveSync 5 Advantage: Bluetooth wireless technology enabled device support gets you in the game with OBD quality data at a lower cost.


The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS) Inc. is under license.

Mobile Analytics

Mobile Analytics

You now have the ability to leverage IMS’ unique Business Center to track mobile users and ensure mobile activations after enrollment. Manage and maximize customer adoption to get the most out of your telematics program.

The DriveSync 5 Advantage: Maximizes customer adoption and proper usage of your UBI program.

The DriveSync 5 Advantage: Lowers costs by leveraging vehicle hardware for user scoring and feedback.

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