IMS Dealer Intelligence

The Insights and Tools You Need to Win More Sales and Servicing

Automotive dealerships compete to provide the best service, achieve the most sales and surpass the highest customer satisfaction ratings. The ultimate goal is to win – to build the best reputation and ongoing customer loyalty.

With all the recent technological advancements in fleet asset tracking and connected car products, dealership business needs to remain unaddressed, with current technology limited to basic dealership management systems that do not adequately support your needs.

Presenting IMS Dealer Intelligence – the first solution that provides you with the data and intelligence you need to succeed! It addresses the needs of your dealership from a 360-degree view – including both pre- and postsales dealership requirements to help boost sales, reduce costs, expedite inventory sell-through and produce satisfied customers. Think of IMS Dealer Intelligence as converging the best of both worlds in today’s connected car and telematics technologies to address your specific requirements – fleet-based asset tracking capabilities that help you to manage vehicle inventory and present vehicle inventory in the best possible light combined with driver-focused connected car services so that you can foster tight customer relationships and repeat business.

Download IMS Dealer Intelligence Datasheet