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The Proactive Insights and Tools You Need to Satisfy Customers, Increase Sales and Reduce Inventory.

IMS Dealer Intelligence Datasheet

Datasheet – IMS Dealer Intelligence

Boost sales, reduce costs and expedite inventory sell-through by being able to fully satisfy customers from the moment they walk into your dealership.

Increasing Challenges

Your automotive dealership is competing to provide the best possible customer experience, sell more vehicles and reduce your lot inventory costs. Each month, unsold car inventory represents lost revenue and profit opportunities that can ultimately compound. Studies also show that 56% of prospective buyers are walk-in customers who will become dissatisfied if they spend more than 90 minutes at your dealership. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for you to demonstrate vehicles to your customers in the best possible light and upon first impression. In other words: there is absolutely no room for time wasted locating vehicles, resolving low fuel issues, or fixing battery or engine issues during your customer’s visit.
In our conversations with dealers, we have identified the following common dealership challenges:


Auto Dealership Inventory Management Challenges


Presenting the IMS Dealer Intelligence Solution

With all the recent technological advancements in asset tracking and connected car solutions, your dealership’s needs still remain unaddressed with current technologies limited to dealership management systems that force you to react to problems - when things are too late.

IMS Dealer Intelligence is the first complete dealer insights solution powered by real-time analytics into all your vehicles. IMS’ telematics and connected car approach compliments your existing dealer inventory management system and changes the game by helping you move from a reactive model to a proactive model in managing your lot inventory. Now you can boost sales, reduce costs and expedite inventory sell-through by being able to fully satisfy customers from the moment they walk into your dealership.

IMS Dealer Intelligence Portal

dealer inventory solutions
The IMS Dealer Intelligence portal offers a view of all vehicles in real-time so you can maximize sales and proactively minimize inventory costs.


Satisfy Customers, Increase Sales and Reduce Inventory

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IMS Dealer Intelligence Combines the Best in Today’s Connected Car and Telematics Technologies to Address Your Specific Requirements:


Asset Tracking

Inventory asset tracking capabilities that help you manage vehicle lot inventory and optimize the presentation of vehicles.


Insights and Intelligence

Insights and intelligence that enable you to transform your inventory into smart assets so your sales team is better prepared to provide solid sales experiences that win sales and clear out inventory.


IMS Dealer Intelligence Enables You to Proactively Increase Customer Sales Opportunities While Reducing Inventory Costs With:

Key Insights to Ensure Inventory is Problem-Free and Test Drive Ready:



Cost-efficient Management of Your Entire New and Used Inventory:






Solution Components: What’s Included


Boost sales, reduce costs and expedite inventory sell-through with IMS Dealer Intelligence


IMS Dealer Intelligence

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