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Company | Customers

IMS' DriveSync® powers some of the largest companies around the world.


Featured logos represent a small sampling of IMS customers and partners with whom we have been publically announced.

See Why Customers Choose IMS Connected Car Solutions:

  • Breadth of Experience - over 15 major deployments in North America.
  • Superior understanding of our business strategy, business needs, and cultural alignment.
  • Pre-packaged solution delivered in a matter of months, including training.
  • Investments in emerging technologies including the Internet of Things with over 170 forward looking patents.
  • Mobile UBI app provides great performance. Very happy with the app, data collection, and data analysis.
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Why We’re Your #1 Telematics and Connected Car Partner

At Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. (IMS), our business is putting people over technology. We innovate for the greater good – engineering real solutions for real people in the world. Our connected car solutions are designed with you in mind – so that you can grow too. Grow your vision, your services, your customer base, and ultimately, your business.

We pride ourselves on being your most supportive partner – a reliable teammate and champion of your achievements – because your success is our success. We provide more purpose to every life journey by delivering products and services that enable drivers to be smarter, safer, greener and more productive. Most of all, we want to help your customers realize this purpose too.

  • We focus on relationships, not transactions
  • We are committed to your success and your customers’ satisfaction
  • We provide innovative solutions based on customer needs
  • We offer products that will grow with your business and your customers
  • We process 1 billion points of data daily: The massive and growing volume of connected car data generated from diverse sources is interesting, but is of little value on its own. Significant value is realized only after extracting, analyzing, synthesizing, and transforming this data into actionable intelligence and information to support informed decisions. IMS collects and analyzes more than 1 billion data elements daily, and is poised to analyze an exponentially increasing volume of complex data in the years ahead while delivering enhanced value to all of its partners.
Through continuous innovation and forward-looking innovations, IMS has developed a portfolio of 200+ connected car patents and patents-pending across a diverse range of technologies throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East.

See our solutions in action:

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