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Facilitate the Health and Management of Your UBI Program with Ease

Take Business reporting to the Next Level with Comprehensive UBI Analytics and Reporting.


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Base Decisions and Deliver Actionable Insights From Your UBI Program

Insurance telematics and usage-based insurance (UBI) programs center around the collection of driving behavior and vehicle-based data to provide engaging insurance services, such as individualized policyholder premiums. Imagine if that same telematics data could also equip your program teams with administrative data necessary to help better manage users, inform decision-making and provide insights for measuring program success. A true, end-to-end insurance telematics solution needs to be able to do both — deliver value to your policyholders with administrative ease while providing your internal teams with necessary analytics and reporting to manage your telematics or UBI program.

IMS UBI Intelligence gives your entire team the most comprehensive, end-to-end usage-based solution - equipped with the most comprehensive program analytics, business intelligence reporting and administrative tools on the market. IMS UBI Intelligence provides program administrators and managers the advantage of a Business Center tool for program management and enriched reporting. From the ability to quickly summarize key performance indicators to enabling deeper analysis of telematics programs, the Business Center goes beyond standard program administration to unlock the wealth of business intelligence that leads to successful usage-based insurance programs.

Business Center Advantages

Comprehensive Program Analytics and Reporting

Manage the Growth and Health of Your UBI Program:

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Rich Responsive Dashboards provide visibility into key performance metrics so you can make informed decisions about your program.

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Data Visualizations and Program Analytics embedded within the product to help you understand month-over-month program growth and analyze impacts of marketing campaigns, seasonal effects and geographical adoption.


Program Diagnostics provides you with detailed business intelligence to manage program health and identify areas for follow-up, such as potentially fraudulent behaviors.


Flexible Reports support online viewing, scheduling and exporting to fit within your best practices and business needs.

Ease Program Administration and Management:

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Flexible Enrollment Capabilities support all stages of program growth with enrollment interfaces that support single to bulk enrollments, all backed by fully automated enrollment integration.

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Integrated Device Tracking Tools provide full insights into shipping and the cadence of devices reaching your customers.

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Comprehensive Logistics Tracking that is available throughout the account lifecycle – from enrollment, shipping, delivery, installation and ongoing data reporting for each user.

Fully Empower Customer Support Teams:

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Integrated Support Tools within the Business Center provide a one-stop shop for support issue investigation and management.

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Support Capabilities that enable front line workers to successfully manage the full customer experience by answering customer queries, updating information and escalating issues.

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Additional Support Features including customer portal impersonation, request creation and ticket tracking ensuring your team can securely manage the day-to-day activities for your users.


Datasheet - Business Center


Facilitate the Health and Management of Your UBI Program with Ease. Download our IMS Business Center Datasheet to learn more.

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