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Usage-Based Insurance for Commercial Lines

Acquire new commercial lines clients and improve your bottom line.

Strengthen relationships with commercial lines clients and improve your bottom line.

IMS UBI Intelligence for Commercial Lines provides a unique and compelling telematics program to grow a profitable commercial auto insurance business through a more accurate pricing of fleet behavior risk. Coupled with our base fleet management portal, it enables insurers to offer policy discounts and fleet operational benefits to small and mid-sized commercial fleets – both of which are currently underserviced by more expensive and complex fleet management offerings. At the same time, insurers get the standard benefits of a UBI program including key vehicle usage data feeds, reduced claims and improved client retention.


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White Paper - UBI for Commercial Lines

White Paper - UBI for Commercial Lines

Datasheet - UBI for Commercial Lines

Datasheet - UBI for Commercial Lines



Commercial lines UBI - A perfect solution for:


van icon van icon Service Business

Service Business

Service businesses are all about delivering a service to consumers, and company vehicles enable employees to do exactly that. Track vehicles and protect these valuable assets for costs savings, loss reduction and greater operational efficiencies.

truck icon truck icon Retail Delivery

Retail Delivery

For retail business with delivery support, the added value that delivery service brings clients can also be a major expense. Recognize and better understand the impact on the bottom line.

keys icon keys icon Automotive Dealers

Automotive Dealers

Safeguard assets through driver behavior and location monitoring.

taxi icon taxi icon Taxi


Benefit from improved GPS tracking to improve dispatch visibility.

ambulance icon ambulance icon Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Optimize constrained budgets with an affordable, easy-to-use fleet tracking solution.



Key Benefits for Insurers

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Client Acquisition and Retention:

Provide commercial lines insurers with a unique program tailored to fleet clients’ real business needs with a value-added fleet management product included with the insurance offering.

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Align Offering with Core Values and Initiatives:

Demonstrate commitment to environmental stewardship, safer driving, customer satisfaction and technology advancement.

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Reduce Claims:

Use insurance telematics technology to promote and enable safer driving – and, in turn, safer fleets.

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Actual Vehicle Usage Data:

Leverage quality insurance data feeds to learn and understand actual commercial vehicle usage and vehicle inactivity.

Key Benefits for Fleets

locate car icon

Locate Vehicles in Real-Time:

Always know where vehicles are for efficient utilization and fraud detection.

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Monitor Time Reporting:

Track actual hours worked for drivers with precise vehicle arrival and departure times.

gas can icon

Control Fuel Costs:

Monitor and manage driver behavior to reduce idle time for fuel savings up to 30%.

caution icon 

Reduce Fraud:

Identify and set alerts for unauthorized driving areas and times.

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Reduce Maintenance Expenses:

Improve employee driving, vehicle usage and mileage reporting to keep vehicles running smoothly.

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Insurance Savings:

Reduced premiums for signing up.

Connected Car and Telematics Data Security

IMS delivers a strong IT value proposition that enables IT leaders to confidently deploy connected car services and solutions, and create new revenue streams and programs. The foundation of the IMS service platform is based on end-to-end security, integrity of collected data, and information availability.


IMS solutions meet strict IT requirements for our customers, including:

  • End-to-End security: End-to-end policy and process to ensure secure management of client data.

  • Data collection integrity: Checks and balances in place to identify anomalies and avoid data corruption.

  • Information availability: High availability, loading balancing and internal redundancy resulting in high levels of system uptime and ensuring that clients of IMS (and the clients' customers) have access to their data when they want it.

IMS Business Center Datasheet

IMS Business Center Datasheet

Whitepaper - Connected Car and Telematics Data Security

Whitepaper - Connected Car and Telematics Data Security


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