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Claims as a Service (CaaS)

CaaS* goes beyond accident detection leveraging telematics driving data to reduce claims.

*Suite of services and capabilities may vary based on geographic region.

Meeting The Challenges: Claims Experience

There’s no denying that the insurance landscape has rapidly changed. The digital age has given insurers new tools for determining who, and what, represent the greatest risks and costs to their customers and their bottom line.

Consumers want quicker underwriting and claims experiences. Senior-level insurance executives recognize the importance of digitalizing auto claims as a top priority. But too many Insurers are fixated on crash detection and missing the bigger picture of what is truly possible. What is your organization doing to improve the claims experience and bring claims costs under control?

How to Evaluate Your Competition

Your claims management and process has a unique place in determining your competitiveness as an insurer.

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Escalating claims costs are separating profitable insurers from unhealthy businesses on both the personal and commercial lines sides.

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Claims costs consume nearly 80% of policyholder premium in the form of claims payments or processing costs.

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The claims experience represents the moment of truth when insurers either delight (retain) or disappoint (lose) customers.


Case Study: How Zurich Insurance Leveraged Telematics Data to Substantially Cut Claims Costs

Insurance Claims Telematics Solution

Datasheet: IMS Claims as a Service (CaaS) - Your Best Defense Against Escalating Claims Costs


Claims as a Service (CaaS)
Your Best Defense Against Escalating Claims Costs


CaaS, offered by IMS (as part of the Trak Global Group), is a suite of services that transforms collected telematics data into appropriate data analysis that positively impacts an organization’s claims costs – and includes ongoing training and expert support services to insurers.


CaaS goes beyond accident detection leveraging telematics driving data to reduce claims costs in additional claims cost categories that deeply impact your loss ratio and bottom line:
Accident detection

  • First Notice of Loss (FNOL): including early accident detection and alert service; instant control over recovery and remediation; and improved duty of policyholder care.
  • Claims Handling: including intervention; faster, more accurate liability decisions; and fraud detection.
  • Claims Liability: including validation and analysis of data and compelling evidence to repudiate fraudulent and/or inflated personal injury claims.


When applicable, IMS (or members of the larger Trak Global Group) will provide expert witness services, including court attendance and training of in-house teams coupled with our proprietary Telematic Technical Statements. The data and evidence settle a range of claims costs including those involving:

  • 70% of disputed claims:
    • Liability disputes
    • Injury claim defence
  • 20% of disputed claims: Low-speed impact arguments
  • Remaining 30%:
    • Mistaken identity
    • Fraud
    • Stolen vehicles


Technical Statements for ClaimsClaims Technical Statements

Making Telematics Data Easy for Claims Handlers

Technical statements form a unique and important part of IMS Claims As a Service (CaaS) and helps insurers realize the following benefits across all telematics claims:

  • Telematics data is compiled into one straightforward report that enables a claim to transition smoothly from FNOL into full claim.
  • The Technical Statement provides claims departments with a full clear summary of the telematics data and claim.
  • IMS - part of Trak Global Group will work with your claims teams to ensure they can confidently use telematics data and technical statements when handling telematics claims.
  • Technical Statements can be shared with third party insurers, solicitors and police as part of the claims process and to bring clarity to the data.
  • Leveraging technical statements within claims processes has proven to deliver loss ratio benefit to our insurer partners. 

Request an In-Depth Sample of Our Technical Statement to See How These Benefits Can Work for You


What’s Included:

digital claims management portal telematics

The solution provides a bespoke portal giving access to minute-by-minute details of the specific journey preceding the claimed accident, and second-by-second data of the impact itself. Insurers then have a choice – their in-house claims teams can directly manage the claim themselves, or IMS’ experts are able to assist.

Details provided via the portal include pre-accident photographs (helping avoid costs covering pre-accidental damage), and second-by-second telemetry data showing:

  • GPS Location - Course/Speed
  • Accelerometer Data – Visualizing and measuring impact severity
  • Gyro Data - Visualizing and measuring vehicle rotational movement
  • Course Over Ground – Accurate assessment of vehicle directional change
  • Second-by-Second Visualization – Google Maps and Street View
  • Accident Reconstruction – An animated replay of second-by-second impact to the vehicle
  • Accident Detection – Driving efficiency and customer contact
  • Claims Services – Direct portal access for bespoke technical support



Why CaaS?

IMS' Claims as a Service (CaaS) not only streamlines and improves the claims experience, it helps insurers eliminate the risk of fraud or litigation with claimants and bring claims costs under control.



Digital claims customer experience 8 Ways Insurers Benefit With CaaS:
  • Accident detection & alert service
  • Evidential value to managing claims
  • Faster, accurate liability decisions
  • Reduced exposure to third-party claims & litigation costs
  • Early intervention on personal injury claims
  • Detection of fraudulent activity
  • Reduced claim shelf life
  • Accurate provisioning

    Resulting In:

    • Reduced claims expenditure
    • Improved policyholder experience and retention
    • Faster notification of claims
    • Reduced injury liability
    • Reduced legal expenses
    • Reduced claim shelf life
Auto insurance claims data processing solution What Makes CaaS Best-in-Class?
  • Best in class claims data detection /processing - with data provided to customers before they have even had a call saving insurers 60% versus finding out about the accident from a third-party.
  • Leading customer enablement and support - resulting in the highest potential claims savings:
    • Specialists work with customers throughout the claims process - writing statements, helping staff learn how to read the data, and appearing in court as expert witnesses when required.
    • Other TSPs do not empower insurers to read the data - as it is part of their “secret sauce”. IMS and the rest of the Trak Global Group believe that the whole industry benefits by understanding telematics data.
    • Ongoing support via regular meetings and training refreshers – passing on technological advances to customers to ensure a skilled team in place.
  • Highly unique Telematics Technical Statements - a summary claims report that enables a claim to transition from FNOL into full claim. Leveraging technical statements delivers loss ratio benefit to insurers and can be shared with third party insurers, solicitors and police.
Digital claims analysis car insurance 4 Amazing Facts about CaaS:
  • Loss ratio improvements – with insurers realizing a loss ratio savings up to 7.7%.
  • More satisfied policyholders: through a better, faster claims experience and savings on average of USD $1,200 (£900) in annual premiums.
  • Commercial lines profitability improvements – with annual claims saving for commercial fleets, based on 1000 vehicles, of USD $370,000 (£279,000) broken down into:
    • Personal injury savings - USD $143,00 (£108,000)
    • Vehicle not at alleged collision - USD $98,300 (£75,000)
    • Split liability - USD $127,000 (£96,000)
  • Pre-litigation and supported litigation cases - with insurer insurers from USD $6,500 (£5000) to $428,600 (£330,000) per case in Europe.



FNOL (First-Notice-of-Loss)

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Claims as a Service (CaaS)

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