Young Drivers Intelligence

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Young Drivers Intelligence

A Young Driver Education and Smart Coaching Solution for Parents With Teens

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IMS Young Drivers Intelligence™ (YDI™) is a smart driver education and coaching product that helps motivate an on-going, positive discussion between parents and new drivers in the household. Parents get insight into new driving behavior. And young drivers get more autonomy in their use of family vehicles using smart coaching technology that enables them to become safer, smarter and greener.


Freedom for Young Drivers. Peace of Mind for Parents.

Research has proven that when young drivers are involved in a coaching program, their driving skills and scores continuously improve.

With IMS Young Drivers Intelligence, pre-set driving parameters such as speeding, driving beyond a designated geo-fenced area or driving after a curfew are tracked in real time, and parents receive alerts when the parameters are exceeded. Parents can stay connected with their teenage drivers while they’re on the go, and coach them to better driving habits with the data collected.



Key Data Intelligence:

  • 5-star rating program across measured variables
  • End of trip notifications to parents to alert them of issues and violations
  • Provides key data intelligence for:

    • Overall driving
    • Speeding
    • Rapid acceleration and harsh braking
    • Sharp turns
    • Excessive idling
    • Length and area of journey
    • Time of day
    • Allowed zones for teens
  • Tips to coach the young driver’s behavior and improve driving safety
For young drivers, the program offers access to an online portal where a 5-star progress report helps teens improve with every trip. A key feedback element in young driver education, the system lets teens compete against their previous high scores to help them continuously improve their safe, conscientious driving habits.
Benefits for Parents:

  • Objective and fair measures for monitoring behavior
  • Improved parent to young driver dialog through positive reinforcing and tips
  • Peace of mind
Benefits for Young Drivers:

  • Fun, smart coaching and feedback tool
  • Improved driving skills
  • Increased autonomy when using the family vehicle
What’s Included

  • One (1) IMS DriveSync™ OBD-II device equipped with on-board GPS sensors and 3-axis accelerometer
  • Welcome letter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Limited Warranty Information
  • Access to Web Portal (Requires monthly wireless service fee)


This end-to-end solution is based on the IMS DriveSync® platform, and includes the DriveSync® device that can be self-installed in the vehicle’s OBD-II port, software to collect data, a Telco link, and access to an online portal and mobile app for parents and teens. IMS offers total support for implementation and maintenance, best of all, the program offers freedom for teenage drivers and peace of mind for parents who can track their teens’ driving behavior even when not in the vehicle.

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Powered by IMS DriveSync

This product is powered by our intelligent connected car platform – something we call IMS DriveSync. What this means is that you now have full access to the complete suite of connected car services that you can add-on at any time. The IMS DriveSync® platform combines the best of infotainment and telematics technology, with the fun of social networking – turning any vehicle into a connected car.

DriveSync Platform - Young Drivers

Start with a program today and expand with new services in the future – it’s that easy. For instance, simply begin with IMS Young Drivers Intelligence and add-on infotainment services, such as voice-powered text and email, Internet radio and Facebook and Twitter updates. Other telematics and valued-added services can also be added, such as UBI Intelligence, fleet monitoring programs, roadside assistance, vehicle health and more. Build-out and customize your connected car experience – and be on your way to becoming a safer, smarter, greener and more productive driver. Learn more about IMS DriveSync®.

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