Telematics and X PRIZE Build Greener Cars

May 13, 2010

Telematics technology by Morey will rate vehicles in an upcoming extreme-efficiency auto competition. X PRIZE is a race to make the most energy efficient car that can run at over 100 miles to the gallon. The winner takes home a not-too-shabby $10 million dollar purse and the world gets a little closer to independence from fossil fuels. Progressive Insurance X PRIZE is a competition designed to fuel a new generation of extreme-efficiency vehicles that exceed 100 MPGe - cars capable of 100 Miles-per-gallon energy equivalent.

A range of competitors are vying to claim cash prizes. From students to startups, the best ideas in energy efficiency stand to gain far more than just the cash prize. On the line is publicity in the X PRIZE media spotlight and industry credibility in this competitive sector of automotive technology.

Track testing for X PRIZE began in April but the competition heats up in the knockout stage beginning June 20, 2010. Finally, $10 million in prizes will be awarded in September.

Determining the energy efficiency of all competing vehicles is the Data Acquisition System (DAS) by Morey Corporation. The Illinois based electronics manufacturer will have its telematics hardware installed on each vehicle.

Morey’s DAS system will measure a range of relevant data including acceleration, speed, battery power and fuel economy. The in-car telematics hardware will gather then transmit real-time fuel economy ratings to a central server that will make results available to the public during the course of the competition at US Dept. of Energy website: .

The main on-track competition phase of the X PRIZE will be hosted at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Michigan.

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