Honda has officially unveiled its newest safety feature: Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control. Unlike the many adaptive cruise control systems making their way into vehicles right now, Honda’s new system can actually predict the actions of other motorists and act accordingly.

 Executive trim CR-Vs equipped with Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control

Honda says its Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control system — which is set to debut in Europe with the 2015 CR-V compact sport utility vehicle — can predict unsafe actions by other motorists, helping a driver stay safe. For example, if the system predicts that another driver is about to make an unsafe lane change, a Honda vehicle with Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control can slow down or move into another, open lane.

The system is based on an array of technologies, including a camera and radar sensor capable of tracking nearby vehicles. The platform uses an advanced algorithm — informed by what Honda calls “extensive real-world research of typical … driving styles” — to analyze the movement of other vehicles.

Honda insists the system is very effective; in fact, it says Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control can predict a dangerous action five seconds before it takes place. That gives a Honda vehicle equipped with the technology ample time to slow down, move, etc. That delay will be particularly important when drivers find themselves dealing with inclement weather, when a hard brake could be hazardous.

Honda says Executive trim CR-Vs equipped with Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control will go on sale this spring in Europe. It’s not yet clear when the technology will be accessible to consumers in other parts of the world.