A new survey conducted by AT&T suggests the need for hands-free devices is at an all-time high. According to the associated report, an incredible 70 per cent of drivers use their smartphones while operating their vehicles.

Most Drivers Using Smartphones Behind the Wheel, AT&T Survey Reveals

The survey, which is part of AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign and involved just over 2,000 participants, was designed to help us learn more about distracted driving and the costs of using mobile devices behind the wheel. AT&T’s campaign is being carried out in partnership with Twitter, with both companies hoping to reduce the number of traffic accidents associated with distracted driving.

AT&T found that, of the drivers surveyed, 61 per cent send text messages while they are driving. About one in three drivers admitted to sending emails while behind the wheel. More than one in four admitted to checking their Facebook account while driving. Another 14 per cent said they’ve tweeted while operating a vehicle, while the same percentage admitted to using Instagram. Incredibly, almost one in five of the drivers surveyed said they actually took a “selfie” while driving.

Another 62 per cent of the drivers surveyed said they like to keep their phones close to them while driving.

Of course, the most shocking statistic is this one: 70 per cent, or more than two in three drivers polled, said they use their smartphone in some capacity while driving.

The study revealed some rather odd opinions, too – for example, more than one in four of the drivers who admitted to using their smartphone to record video of their driving thought this was a safe driving strategy.