A new report brings hopeful news to the automotive industry: not only are young people more interested in car ownership than previously thought, but they’re very keen on “connected” cars.

The report, which comes from international automotive supplier Continental, says that – contrary to popular belief – American consumers are still very much interested in owning their own vehicles. Interestingly, the report shows that the vast majority of people aged 16-25 (84 per cent) believe driving is important, while three in four say that they drive nearly every day.


The report also reveals that young people want high-tech vehicles boasting connectivity to lots of cutting-edge electronic devices. In fact, 91 per cent of respondents aged 16 to 25 said they place a high importance on consumer electronic devices. Another 73 per cent of people in this age range said they would be interested in buying a vehicle that could provide connectivity to wireless Internet hotspots, allowing them to access web-based services like Facebook, YouTube, or Pandora.

But young people aren’t the only ones interested in connected cars. The report shows that almost two-thirds of all respondents want WiFi connectivity in their vehicles.

There’s also widespread support for technology that makes driving safer and easier. Well over half of all respondents said they’re interested in tech that can help with traffic control, while many respondents said they’re open to the introduction of advanced driver assistance platforms, including adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning systems.

But American consumers aren’t wowed by all up-and-coming automotive technologies. The report reveals that about half of all respondents doubt that autonomous vehicle tech “will ever function reliably,” while about six in ten respondents said that autonomous driving tech “scares” them.