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Canadian Innovator at Work

This month, the Globe and Mail is featuring Dr. Otman Basir, Founder and CEO of IMS as a “Canadian Innovator at Work,” recognizing the ground-breaking telematics technology and product innovation Intelligent Mechatronic Systems has brought to the connected car industry. “Connected cars are still in their infancy, the best is yet to come.”

Featured Video: How’s my driving? This car can tell you
Otman Basir’s technology gives drivers feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. It can also talk to other cars and find the quickest routes.

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Globe & Mail
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Toronto Star The Co-operatorsTeams With IMS IMS Connected Car Experience
Waterloo company unveils experimental car that monitors your body for signs of trouble
Metro News, 9 September 2014

The Co-operators introduces new program to reward safe drivers in Ontario using IMS technology
17 Mar 2014

The Co-operators is introducing the en-route Auto Program™ in Ontario, a unique offering that will allow for more customized auto insurance and lower premiums for safe drivers.

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Are you a safe driver? IMS’ car can tell you

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IMS Twitter Feeds my Connected Car™ Blog Events and Webcasts
IMS Twitter Feeds my Connected Car Blog IMS Events and Webcasts
New DriveSync Platform
Enables OEMs, Dealers and Insurers to Build Strong Relationships with Drivers

Congrats @intellimec
for new technology introduced at Telematics Detroit

Usage Based Insurance

one of the hot topics at #TUDETROIT. Lot of consumer interest according to several studies.

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One in Four Teens Writes Texts, Emails While Driving, Study Reveals
Further evidence that voice-activated “connected car” technology could help keep drivers safe

Deadly Accident Prompts U.S. National Transportation Safety Board to Call For Connected Cars
NTSB to call for the rapid development and implementation of “connected” car technology

‘Connected’ Cars Will Dominate World’s Highways by 2020, Report Finds
Connected cars will dramatically change the driving experience by giving drivers constant access to information related to traffic and nearby attractions, including restaurants and movie theaters

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Webcast: UBI Boot Camp
Easily launch a successful UBI program in Canada

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