Voice-Powered OS

Voice-Interactive Infotainment

No more push-to-talk

IMS offers a unique voice-interactive approach to infotainment – a fully voice controlled interactive control. We call it the Voice-Interactive Application Service (VIAS).

Traditional voice-powered technology can be frustrating when users are forced to wait for a beep before they can speak or hold a button before any command. IMS has created a unique approach because drivers need voice-only access to features and applications without having to click or scroll which can cause distractions while driving. A successful voice-powered interface lets you interrupt the options menu when you know the command you wish to give – so you don’t have to wait for a tone or voice-prompt. Just give your command and go.

Secure Your Data

Another advantage to an embedded solution like iLane, compared to some of the dial-in solutions out there, is that you don’t have to worry about roaming costs or using up data and day-time minutes every time you connect. By embedding the intelligence in the car (via a device or directly in the vehicle’s console), drivers can toggle between apps such as email, calendar and calling without worrying about network connections. Of course, on-demand content and services such as news, sports and weather are cloud-based and use the data plan directly from your smartphone for live content.

Just say: “Check weather” to access the On-Demand Weather app featuring forecasts by The Weather Network

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