iLane Offers Seamless Vehicle Integration

The Voice-Powered Connected Car™ Solution

Connect to Your Favorite Content and Apps

iLane is an award-winning platform that’s loaded with voice-powered content and applications to keep you connected while driving. Resist the ringing or blinking light on your smartphone! iLane’s communication applications let you manage your email while driving using simple voice commands.

Seamless Integration With Your Car

Compatible with most Bluetooth® cars and headsets

IMS’s iLane is an application and connectivity platform for cars. The iLane platform connects you to your favourite content and apps while driving. It minimizes distracted driving because it’s powered entirely by your voice. iLane integrates seamlessly with your Bluetooth-enabled system, letting you remain connected while on the road.

Secure, Multi-User Platform

Perfect for fleets or your busy household

iLane’s intelligence is in the car and does not compete with the in-car services that require you call into a remote number to access your stored messages. iLane also keeps your data locally so you don’t pay expensive roaming charges or use precious cell-plan minutes to check your messages. IT and security concerns are dispelled giving you the peace of mind in knowing that your sensitive data stays within your company’s firewall.

Patented Noise Catcher

Best-in-class voice recognition

iLane is designed for the car and the driver is at the center of it all. Never worry about missing a call or text message because your music is blaring – iLane’s incoming call notification naturally interrupts to tell you who’s calling and lets you answer or ignore calls using your voice. Plus, you can always hop into privacy mode by simply saying, “do not disturb.” Ambient noise in the car –  like your wipers, traffic, even passengers – won’t interfere with voice commands. iLane’s powerful noise catcher technology listens for commands and ignores the noise.

Just say “check weather” to access the On-Demand Weather App featuring forecasts by The Weather Network.

Mobile Gateway

Manage personal settings from your phone

Security makes iLane the premium in-car platform. A local iLane-to-mobile smartphone communication and enterprise-grade security system ensures that you’re the only person accessing your data. Unlike dial-in services that require access to your messages so they can read them to you when you’re dialed into their number, iLane has no servers accessing your personal data. With iLane, all your personal content is secure behind 256-bit AES encryption over a local Bluetooth communication that never leaves your car.

Walk-Up Connectivity

iLane knows when you’re in the car

Like your Internet hub at home, iLane connects you to content and applications. The difference is, iLane works easily and is distraction-free while your are driving your car because it’s controlled using only your voice.

The IMS aftermarket infotainment puts you in control of a voice-powered OS.