iLane Specifications

Complete iLane 7100 tech-specs


Height ………………… 4.6 inches (116 mm)

Width ………………… 2.8 inches (71 mm)

Depth ………………… 94 inches (24 mm)

Weight ……………….. 4.1 ounces (117 grams)


The iLane Voice Interactive Application System is the proprietary OS that lives inside the 7100 in-car device and gets loaded with new features all the time. iLane’s VIAS sets the standard for in-car voice interactive apps and services with an award-winning natural sounding interface including features like natural barge-in technology, powerful noise-catcher for environmental noise like windshield wipers and chatty passengers. Be sure to hop onto your account on for the latest VIAS updates!Bluetooth® Compatibility
iLane provides hassle-free integration with your Bluetooth system. Whether you’re hanging on to your favorite Bluetooth headset or styling with a complete Bluetooth car-audio solution, iLane has been tested with all the most popular makes and models.The 7100 Series In-Car Connectivity device pairs seamlessly with the most popular hands free systems, including:

> Audi
> Mercedes
> Infiniti
> Toyota
> Acura
> Ford Sync
> Chrysler
> Lexus
> Plantronics Headsets
> BlueAnt Headsets and Visor Mounts
> Motorola Headsets, Visor Mounts
and Car Systems
> Bury Car Systems
> Parrot Car Systems
> BlackBerry Authentic Accessories

iLane Mobile Gateway
The Mobile Gateway runs on your smarphone and tells the 7100 in-car device that you’re the right user and let’s you hop onto to change specific preferences for your iLane experience.

The gateway also handles the enhanced 256-bit AES encryption over all Bluetooth(r) communication to ensure nearby drivers or passengers aren’t able to ‘listen in’.

Portable, Multi-User Platform
The 7100 Series in-car device isn’t tied to an individual car or phone, as a multi-user platform iLane allows up to six family members or fleet drivers to pair up to a single 7100 and access their own apps and services bundle while they drive

> 500+ messages browsed
> 4000+ contacts stored
> Supports multiple users and email addresses