Embedded Infotainment

An Always Connected Lifestyle

Voice-Powered Email and Text Messages

Your smartphone puts you at the center of an always-connected lifestyle and IMS knows that staying connected doesn’t end when you get into your car. With an infotainment solution from IMS the moment you walk up to your vehicle, a secure Bluetooth® link initiates and all of your contacts, email, text messages and even your favorite on-demand services like sports, news, weather and cloud content are one voice-command away.

The award winning, iLane Voice-Interactive Application System (VIAS OS®) that powers our embedded infotainment solution is capable of understanding the difference between your voice commands and passenger noise, and is always listening, so that you don’t have to push a button or wait for a beep every time you want to say a command.

Just say: “Check weather” to access the On-Demand Weather app featuring forecasts by The Weather Network.

Application for Driver Profile Management

Secure, Contact Transfer

Seamless Extension to Your Car

With the IMS Infotainment you can access your smartphone’s features and applications entirely by voice, so you never have to take your eyes off the road or your hands off the steering wheel. Simply say “check messages” at any time to sift through your email inbox while you drive, or “check news”, to access on-demand Box Office highlights, market news or last night’s scores. Simple and natural commands such as “next”, “reply”, “delete” or “mark unread” let you navigate your messaging and texting applications on your smartphone without having to pick it up and look at it.

IMS embedded infotainment solution is a complete and supported platform but it is also designed for white labeled integration directly into most automotive OEM consoles.

The IMS embedded solution is gives you total control of a Voice Powered OS.

To learn more about how our Voice Interactive Application System (VIAS) can be embedded into any Connected Car™ platform, call 1. 866.925.8021 or email info(@)intellimec.com.