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Discover The Ultimate Connected Car Experience

IMS Connected Car Experience
Our vision is that of an automotive technology platform that transforms any vehicle into a fully connected car. Its ultimate purpose is to enable drivers to be smarter, safer, greener and more productive on the road. Our DriveSync platform turns driving downtime into a more rewarding and valued set of experiences – while ensuring safety remains at the core at all times.

Drivesync Connected Car

Infotainment and Telematics Services

This future vision is realized today through DriveSync® – the connected car system that delivers the ultimate connected car driving experience.
DriveSync® enables drivers to remain connected to the outside world through automotive Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies that enable key driving services to be delivered directly to the driver while in the car. By utilizing the latest in in-car Human-Machine Interface (HMI) technology, DriveSync® optimizes the delivery of these connected services to the driver leveraging the use of in-car smartphones, in a manner that is safer for information consumption and communication.

DriveSync® users get access to a ton of valuable connected car services including the following and more:

DriveSync Business Service Upgrades



DriveSync DriveSync Device Options

Experience DriveSync® in Two Ways

Whether you start with infotainment and upgrade to telematics, or vice versa, users have the power to experience a true, fully connected car experience. Anything less, and it’s not a connected car.

Infotainment with Telematics Upgrade

1. Drivers can begin with infotainment services by downloading the DriveSync® app and joining the MyDriveSync.com driving community.
2. Drivers can upgrade with additional infotainment and telematics services to personalize and customize your experience.

Infotainment with Telematics Upgrade - Connected Car

Telematics with Infotainment Upgrade

1. Many drivers may already be utilizing a telematics business service that is Powered by DriveSync®. These drivers are receiving a small taste of what DriveSync® is capable of providing and have the ability to expand to additional telematics and infotainment connected car services.
2.These drivers can join in the fun by downloading the DriveSync® app for infotainment services and/or purchasing additional telematics services
via our eStore.

Telematics with Infotainment Upgrade - Connected Car


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