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The DriveSync Platform leads the way in monetizing and leveraging cutting-edge personally relevant connected car services.

DriveSync Award-winning Platform Delivers Proven Visionary Services and Experiences

IoT Connected Car PlatformOur vision is that of an automotive technology platform that transforms any vehicle into a fully connected car. Its ultimate purpose is to enable drivers to be smarter, safer, greener and more productive on the road. Our DriveSync platform turns driving downtime into a more rewarding and valued set of experiences – while ensuring safety remains at the core at all times.

The DriveSync platform is designed to improve the safety on our roads today while simultaneously addressing the efficiency and environmental aspects of transportation. The design philosophy, focused on the driver and not the machine, influenced everything from the simplicity and transparency of data acquisition through to the advanced soft-computing techniques used to analyze driving behaviour and intuitively deliver actionable feedback to the driver with safety as the highest priority.

Services delivered by the DriveSync connected car platform enable users to stay connected to time-sensitive, critical information in a safer manner, while enabling them to be more productive and efficient. The DriveSync connected car  platform also captures driving data such as fuel consumption, environmental impact and driver behaviour, to generating useful and timely feedback through online, mobile, and embedded interfaces.

IoT Platform - HMI Infotainment Services & M2M Telematics Services

The mature and versatile DriveSync platform enables a range of valuable services, including fleet management, usage-based insurance, beginner driver coaching, remote diagnostics, automotive dealer, and dynamic road charging services. These services are configured and deployed using the same flexible, modular, and adaptive framework. All leverage machine learning to ensure the platform seamlessly adapts after deployment to meet the diverse and growing needs of drivers, their families, insurance carriers, fleets, and everyone reliant on modern transportation networks.

Connected Car Technology Services

Figure 1. DriveSync enables a diverse range of relevant services from a single, unified connected car platform leveraging biologically inspired methods and advanced soft-computing techniques to deliver improvements in our daily lives. This platform delivers direct benefits to government agencies, automobile clubs, service organizations, insurance carriers, automotive OEMs, wireless carriers and many other partners while making transportation safer, smarter, and greener.

The DriveSync connected car platform includes three integrated components within a seamless in-vehicle experience: 1) An intuitive interface, 2) high precision, accurate measurements about the vehicle, its occupants, and the maneuvers of the vehicle on the road, and 3) contextual behaviour-based analytics.  Synergies between these components are leveraged to deliver relevant and actionable information to the driver at the ideal time using the most appropriate channel. The timing and method of message delivery is important to minimize distraction while still influencing driver behaviour.  These components are also designed to ensure the technology itself and any underlying complexity is abstracted from the participant, while delivering rich insights and datasets to enable all services.

 Driver-centric connected car technology

Figure 2. The DriveSync connected car platform is a disruptive innovation using a driver-centric approach to deliver a complete connected driver experience that includes the driver as a first-class participant in the overall solution, also conceived as a ‘driver-in-the-loop’ approach. This innovation focuses on the social aspects and human experience to seamlessly deliver a suite of personalized connected services.

A Unique ‘Driver-in-the-loop’ Approach

By making the driver an active participant within this ‘driver-in-the-loop’ feedback model, DriveSync revolutionizes the conventional connected vehicle industry. Traditionally, the connected vehicle industry focused on wireless connectivity and machine-to-machine communication or telematics. DriveSync shifts the focus toward intuitive driver interaction and the driver experience itself, transparently supported by connectivity and telematics.  This shift in focus enabled a broad range of new services to be delivered, tailored and adapted to the driver’s needs and interests.

The DriveSync platform consists of several loosely coupled modules with clean interfaces to enable a growing suite of available services. Key modules within the DriveSync platform are outlined in Figure 3 below, including the flexible approach to deliver multiple services to relevant stakeholders, and integrate with a diverse range of in-vehicle enablers and contextual data sources with open standard interfaces.

Key Modules for DriveSync Connected Car Platform

Figure 3. DriveSync Connected Car Platform – Key Modules

The DriveSync® connected car platform supports many diverse deployment options providing an agnostic approach to data collection needs. From mobile, to OBD, to hybrid and more, the DriveSync connected car platform is equipped to support the multitude of in-vehicle enablers options – for now and into the future. To learn more about the capabilities of the various technology options, download the comparison white paper.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

A Smarter, More Flexible Approach to Data Collection

The DriveSync connected car platform provides the flexibility to align the data collection technology for the customer segments being targeted to ensure that your business is ready for growth and change.

Telematics BLE Beacon, Bluetooth Devices, OEM and Mobile

Connected Car and Telematics Data Security

IMS delivers a strong IT value proposition that enables IT leaders to confidently deploy connected car services and solutions and create new revenue streams and programs. The foundation of the IMS service platform is based on end-to-end security, integrity of collected data, and information availability.

IMS solutions meet strict IT requirements for our customers including:


  • End-to-End security: End-to-end policy and process to ensure secure management of client data.
  • Data collection integrity: Checks and balances in place to identify anomalies and avoid data corruption.
  • Information availability: High availability, load balancing, and internal redundancy resulting in high levels of system uptime and ensuring that clients of IMS (and the client’s customers) have access to their data when they want it.

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Platform Meets Strict Customer Needs

Addresses stringent requirements for customers, governments and end users alike.

The IMS Connected Car Experience

The IMS Connected Car Experience showcases current, upcoming and prototype connected car and IoT services to deliver the next generation of connected car services for drivers. Watch the video below to learn more about the IMS Connected Car Experience and ensure to experience a test ride when it arrives at a city near you.

DriveSync Connected Car Platform – 2015 Ingenious Award Winner

Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS) has received a prestigious 2015 Ingenious Award recognizing excellence in the innovative use of information and communication technology for the DriveSync® connected car platform. The award was backed by nominations from Intel Corporation and presented by the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC).

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