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Young Drivers Intelligence IMS DriveSync IMS iLane®
IMS Young Drivers Intelligence™ (YDI™)
Smart Driver Education and Coaching

IMS Young Drivers Intelligence is a smart driver education and coaching telematics product that helps motivate an on-going, positive discussion between parents and new drivers in the household.
Connected Car Infotainment Services

DriveSync infotainment services (available on google play) gives you a hands-free alternative for in-car texting and infotainment. DriveSync is completely voice-powered, with easy-to-use voice interaction so you can play music, Tweet, talk, text, email, and update your Facebook more safely while driving.
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IMS iLane® IMS iLane® IMS iLane®
IMS iLane®
The Aftermarket In-car InfotainmentIMS iLane in-car infotainment provides safe, distraction-free voice-powered access to business critical information and entertainment while on the go.
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